He was the President of North Korea

Pyang Young , sister and a brother to a grand wedding has become a concern . Is engaged to marry her future brother-in-Law

sorry too . But he 's not going to do that ..It was a pre- condition to get married to her dating their sister . He was the President 

of North Korea Kim Jong ... He Separate rute . The latest of his favorite sister, Kim Yo Jong marriage also showed its style . The 

ceremony was announced to be a groom on his celleki .When I heard of his sister's marriage , however, the condition of the nation Kim 

'm going crazy . Declared to be dating his sister to marry her before the wedding . He was convinced that her condition was dating . 

The groom is certainly to be celibate , Few degree from the University of San Yong Kim to be  to a height of 5 feet 10 

inches ,Condition of the North Korean army, Kim was to be served. Jomnu like conditions that at least 30 young people were to marry. 

Sent their applications to the presidential palace. If everyone had the opportunity to speak jomto, the application will only jom 

them to take a look at a selection of them, such as dating and then the final decision will be shot. This is Kim conditions.


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