Story of Jenni Spicer & Jay DeGroot !

I met Jay on in February of 2013. Although I was not a full member, he was a Gold Member. It was nice to know that if the right person was truly interested, I'd actually receive an email that I was able to correspond with him. 

Just a week after emailing each other back and forth he asked me to dinner. Dinner was quite simple and easy. He picked me up and took me to dinner at J. Alexander's. 

We live an hour from each other, despite the difference; we make time to see each other at the least every few days. After 6 months of dating, we introduced our kids to the other. His children are in college and mine are in High School and preschool. We've been on wonderful vacations with each other and vacations that included all of our children. 

In February of 2015 we took a break from each other and still kept in touch, over the 8 months we were apart. We realized the feeling was mutual, as we missed one another dearly. In November, he took me on our first date all over again, and it's 
like we never missed a beat. 

We love and respect each other. Neither of us have any future expectations, we just know we enjoy being with the other. 


Jenni Spicer & Jay DeGroot


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