I Ended Up Meeting Some Really Nice Women From This Site

             Ronners02 , United States , Jul 21, 2015

I ended up meeting some really nice women from this site , some of whom have became friends even though we ended up not being the

perfect match . In the end I met someone whom I knew almost instantly was " the one " but having said that our first date was not

overly successful !...My normal confident relaxed approach to such meetings evaporated as I found myself a bit lost for words !.... a

bit like a rabbit in the headlights :))...Thankfully I didn't give up and after a further two months of messaging each other and

exploring each other's lives we decided to meet again and since that moment we have never looked back :) For sure we would never have

met each other had it not been for the MM site and so for us the whole experience has been a resounding success !!....

If I were to give one piece of advice to anyone seriously looking for a long term partner then it would be this , Be yourself , be

honest about yourself and be honest about who and exactly what you're looking for . Good luck :))....


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